Who is john amaechi dating

But they kept the TV on, so they’d know when the story broke.Soon, it was the top story on Sports Center."Alright now, recently some news.One of those calls was to his Stanford classmate, Chelsea Clinton.

And for the next three hours and 45 minutes, an interview just very similar to this where [they] asked me just one question and then allowed me to talk," Collins says.

"Some advice that he gave me was, 'In that moment when it feels overwhelming, close your eyes, take a deep breath ...

and then just keep moving forward.'"Collins says he wasn’t nervous.

Jason Collins, veteran in the NBA, announced that he is gay, making him the first active male basketball player, or just male player in the four pro sports, to announce that he is gay."Life In The Closet Until 2011, Collins hadn’t told a single person — not a teammate, a friend, not even his twin brother, Jarron, who also played in the NBA.

He says he lived in fear that someone would discover his secret.

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