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Looks like Shu feels a little guilty, but he is doing his best to try to keep Miko from totally falling for Ren since Shu, himself, loves her.

He then gives her the customary pat on the head that he has been doing for awhile now.

An upset NANA asks Ren just what was going on and we flash back to the earlier scene. I have to say that even in the Korean version, Lee Hong Gi’s Jeremy did not get near as much screen time either and most of it was him acting like a complete idiot.

NANA really thought that Ren was going to kiss her, but is shocked to open her eyes and find him only pretending. JELL and slams it down on the table calling Miko an unforgivable female liar. Here, Yuki is all dreamy because he wants a girlfriend, too. How much pain and such could be avoided if Ren was up front about the “relationship” to begin with?

NANA tries to break away, but Ren won’t let her…after all, wasn’t this public relationship what she really wanted? NANA asks Ren if he thinks that will make her shut up. He then freaks out when he pictures “Mio” as his girlfriend. The party is interrupted by Ando and Miko’s aunt’s arrival.

NANA tells him not to be naïve and then says that they must stay together until she decides to “break up” and if he ever angers her, she will reveal Mio’s secret. Yuuki freaks out and walks off just as Toru comes out all upset that his “Ren-sama” is now dating NANA. That night Ren comes home to a congratulations party for him dating NANA. Apparently Shigeko experienced a small house fire and now has nowhere to live, so she will be moving in with the boys for awhile.

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] and notices how gentle Ren looks when he is sleeping.

As Miko is packing up things to take to Ren’s room, she pulls out his hairpin, which she quickly hides when Mabuchi and RINA enter.

RINA hands Miko a stun gun “just in case.” Nothing should happen, but Ren is male and Miko is female, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Miko then goes to Ren’s room where he is working on composing.

She freaks out and tries to get off the bed before Ren wakes up, but too late.

Ren is out of it at first but quickly jumps up when he realizes that Miko is in his bed.

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