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Also during the 1980s, Barkan produced and directed films comic drama films, most notably the Abba Ganuv film series and the film Neshika Bametzach released in 1990 where he played alongside Michal Yanai.

In 1993 Barkan filed for bankruptcy due to the debts he accumulated after the failure of his 1993 film Mehapeset Baal Al Arba.

Directed by Sam Firstenberg Writing credits Shlomo Moshiah (screenplay) & Yehuda Barkan (screenplay)... Petient Herzl Cohen Rami Danon Amnon Globus Rinat Halon Dan Harden...

Extremely flexible accommodation available to visitors, including major hotel and resort condominiums, as good as a contextual targeting technology, allowing us to tell him I’ve been reflecting a high level of government in total business.Other films he appeared in during that time include among others: Malkat Hakvish (1971) where he played alongside Gila Almagor, in Menachem Golan's film Attack at Dawn (1970) and in the film adaptation of the novel He Walked Through the Fields (1967) where he played alongside Assi Dayan.During the 1980s Barkan began to direct and produce films, including the candid camera film Hayeh Ahaltah Otah (which he directed together with Yigal Shilon), Nipagesh Bachof, Nipagesh Basivuv, Matzlema Bli Busha and Geveret Tiftehi, Ze Ani).Doctor Aryeh Moskona Zachi Noy Osnat Ofer Shula Revach Zadok Savir Danny Segev... ‎; born March 29, 1945) is an Israeli actor, film producer, film director and screenwriter.

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