Deutsch aussprache trainieren online dating

But it is a lot moreefficient to testyourself on real examples.

German language skillsat least at theprimary level is very important now.

To verify or improve your knowledge for youarecreated German tests for the level A1, A2, B1.

When you arestudyingthe theory, doing some exercise, you may feel that youhave learnedwell a particular material.

Now we could go to the related words because there are some really good ones but instead we’ll go somewhere else. Adding prefixes, making nouns, shifting meanings here and there.

We’ll just make a little detour into the past and take a look at . Just type the firstfewletters of a noun and see the article immediately. Feel free to contact if youhaveproblemsor suggestions. This app helps you memorize the foodsandthedrinks (beverages) in a very easy way. See the icon and selectthecorrectarticle and fruit. Thankyou.#obst und gemuese#fruits and vegetables in german Looking up the article ('der', 'die' or'das')of a German noun has never been easier.After selecting level, you train by guessing articles for 20randomnouns from the level.You have to answer correctly at least75 % tounlock next level.

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