Darkwave dating

* Live Local Music & Spooky Art * Funky Fresh Halloween Cocktails * Halloween vendors – makeup/accessories Dressing rooms provided A portion of all proceeds go back to small business development right in our community! When: October 23rd 2015 Time: 7pm-1am Where: Green Labs, 1250 31st Street, Denver 80205 Jay Gatsby is hosting his annual Halloween party!The party the WHOLE city looks forward to and rave about for the rest of the year!It pains us greatly to neglect the dystopian “We Are the Dead,” the maddening “Frankie Teardrop,” the fiery “Janitor of Lunacy,” or even a string of quintessential Shangri-Las singles.We also hate to exclude dozens and dozens of incredible modern records made by our friends and peers.This list was made with passion, and we truly love every entry here.By design, this list also excludes anything released before 1980 and after the mid-90s.Before we get started, a few ground rules: This is not intended as a rigid history lesson, intended to take you on an all-encompassing journey through gothic subculture past, present, and future.This list is not necessarily a perfect starter kit either, though you could certainly do worse than pick up every record listed below and listen ad nauseum (please be careful if you’ve found yourself here and don’t have the emotional fortitude for this kind of undertaking).

Here is a list of 31 events and places where you can celebrate the Halloween holiday! When: October 18th 2015 Time: 8pm Where: Church Nightclub, 1160 Lincoln Street, Denver 80203 Isibella’s Parlor’s 5th Annual Halloween Vampire Ball will include: Performers, champagne, aerials, fire dancers, burlesque, gogo dancers, VIP area and more!SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMANCES: No Coast Company, Trayce Chapman, Bastard Hootie Ticket prices are: pre sale for 18 , at the door pre sale for 21 (includes three FREE drinks), at the door *IF YOU ARE 21 AND DO NOT WANT TO DRINK, FEEL FREE TO PURCHASE THE PRE SALE FOR 18 * *THIS VENUE IS 4/20 FRIENDLY* *All funds raised for this fund will go towards providing Thanksgiving dinner to families in November.To purchase tickets go to: bit.ly/1Prs5M1 When: October 23rd & 24th 2015 Time: 4 available pm/pm/pm/pm Where: Riverside Cemetery, 5201 Brighton Blvd, Denver 80216 At Denver’s ONLY nighttime cemetery tour you’ll learn about Lester Drake’s tragedy, the secrets surrounding the Jones Mausoleum and the heartbreak of the Bell Family along with the other mysteries of Riverside. Get off admission if you show them you’ve liked their page on Facebook! When: October 28th 2015 Time: 8pm-2am Where: Club Vinyl, 1082 Broadway, Denver 80203 Got to work on Halloween night?These sonic touchstones would remain staples of each band member’s career.Daniel Ash also designed the album’s cover art, a precursor to his work as Bubbleman Designs.

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